Equitable access to information and resources is the goal.
Improved customer experience is the pay-off.

Solutions to meet every accessibility need

Wheelchair Accessible

Braille Keyboard

TTY Audio Navigation

T-Coil Digital Handset

1.8 million + pages of Braille

100,000 + tactile graphics

5.5 million + large print reflows

30,000 + image descriptions

ADA Focused Information Kiosk

Make your gate holding areas and entire concourse more ADA compliant by creating a network mesh of accessible, interactive digital guest services. Our kiosks are equipped with a number of accessibility features that make your services and information available to everyone.

All the hardware is wheelchair accessible with a dedicated screen lowered for this specific use. The phone charging pads have also been designed for easy wheelchair access as well.
The user interface has been designed with accessibility and user-friendliness in mind and can be navigated using our built-in braille keyboard and the large button-driven menu system.
Users with impaired vision, reading difficulties or impaired fine motor skills can navigate through menus or directories that would typically be presented on a visual display or touch screen. Screen content is presented and summarised by recorded or synthesized language via a headset or handset. Menu pages and available options can be navigated and selected using this responsive and highly tactile keypad device.
A telecoil (t-coil) is essential for hearing aid users when listening on the telephone because using the hearing aid microphone when communicating on the telephone can cause feedback due to telephone handset proximity to the hearing aid microphone.

Making ADA Accessible

Major airports have a huge challenge when it comes to providing accessible guest services and airport information to the thousands of passengers that pour through their facilities daily. SkyHub has joined forces with United Airlines and the Denver International Airport to place ADA compliant kiosks, loaded with accessible and language inclusive digital services and information in their gate holding areas and throughout the concourse.